Town Office – 2220 Western Ave, Newburgh, ME 04444
Phone – 234-4151 Fax – 234-2791

Town Office Hours
Mondays 9-6
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-4
Fridays -CLOSED

The Town Office will be closed on the following dates:
Thursday, June 30th thru July 5th will reopen on the 6th of July
July 13th, Working on Audit

 As a result of a continued Annual Town Meeting the Board will be having 2 Special Town Meetings.

First Town meeting is to get permission to fund services of the Town, the meeting will be held July 7th, 2016 it will consist of 2 articles that read as follows:

ARTICLE     1. To elect a Moderator by written ballot, to preside at said meeting, and fix compensation therefore.

 ARTICLE     2. To see if the town will authorize the Board of Selectmen to spend an amount not to exceed  6/12 of the budgeted amount in each budget category during the period beginning July 1, 2016  until such time that the annual budget is adopted.

Board of Selectmen Recommends                                  Yes

Second Town Meeting is to fill a vacant seat on the Select board that will take place on August 9th, 2016 it will also consist of 2 articles that read as follows:

ARTICLE     1. To elect a Moderator by written ballot, to preside at said meeting, and fix compensation therefore. 

ARTICLE     2. To elect by secret ballot a Selectman, Tax Assessor and Overseer of the Poor, for a term to expire at Annual Town Meeting in June 2017.

Voting will take place at the polls from 8 to 8

                                               PUBLIC NOTICE

This is official notice that the Selectboard of the Town of Newburgh has voted and will have an election to fill a vacant position on the board. The process is shortened per M.R.S.A. 30-A section 2528(4) (E) so the dates are as follows:
Nomination Papers available June 24th, 2016
Nomination Papers returned no later than July 6th, 2016
Meeting and Voting to take place at the polls on August 9th,, 2016 from 8a.m. until 8 p.m.


SATURDAY, JUNE 25th, 2016

Articles picked up:
Appliances (washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, compactors) File cabinets, Water Tanks, Furniture (tables, chairs, couches, beds, mat-tresses, box springs) Radios, Stereo equipment, Plastic pipe, Carpets (in 4-foot sections, rolled & tied) No more than 2 tires (up to 16″without rims and Countertop Microwaves-both can also be put out weekly or recycled) and Metal.

Articles not picked up:
Gas cans, Gas tanks, Propane cylinders, Metal containers with glue, tar solvent, resin, paint, caulking, gas, or oil, Auto parts, TV’s, Computer monitors, Fluorescent lamps; mercury vapor tubes, Light ballasts con-taining PCB’s, Batteries, Mercury thermostats, thermometers, Wood waste, brush, Demolition debris. NO REFRIGERATORS or AC UNITS because of Freon.
Electronic Devices
Electronic devices may be recycled at Electronics End, 173 Robertson Blvd., Brewer, Maine. 207-922-2094, Electronicsend@gmail.com

As you may have noticed, the paving has begun on the dirt roads around town.   Wellman Paving is doing a great job.    Please be patient while the work is in progress.   It will be complete before you know it.

SAVE THE DATE! Newburgh Day will be Saturday, September 17th from 4p.m. to dusk There will be food, games, live music and fireworks. Watch for more information to come.


    • Selectmen’s Meeting-  Meetings are held the 1st Monday of the month at 6pm at the Town Office. If a meeting is postponed due to inclement weather or a holiday the meeting will be held the next night.
    • Planning Board Meeting– Wednesday, July 6th at 7:00pm.
    • Recycling– Recycling is the 2nd  and 4th Friday of the month. We now have zerosort recycling. We have informational brochures in the office or you can download here.  Please place recycling and trash on the opposite sides of your driveway for clarity. Upcoming Dates: October 9 & 23, November 13 & 28, December 11

FREE WI-FI- There is free Wi-Fi available at the Town Office building.   You are welcome to bring your computer or device to use or the library has computers available for use during their open hours. The wi-fi is available during all Town Office business hours.

 The need for Volunteers is Great! The Recreation and Cemetery Committees are both in need of members.

We send out a weekly newsletter via e-mail. If you would like to receive the e-newsletter please contact the Town Office or e-mail: townclerk@uninets.net

What Can We Do For You? Let us know! Drop in or send us an e-mail at newburghmgr@uninets.net.

Newburgh Guiding Principles

      • Respect- We will observe the Golden Rule.
      • Ethics-We will lead by example.
      • Accountability-Our business will be open and visible.
      • Communication-Listening is more important than talking.
      • Teamwork/Partnership-The whole is often larger than the sum of its parts.


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